BD/DVD vol 5 extras (booklet scan, audio commentary, interview translations)

Vol 5 booklet

Eps 8-9 audio commentary

Vol 5 booklet: Reo and Mabu were picked up by the enemy side, the Otters. Reo was distraught after knowing Mabu had died. Seeing that, the Otters started work on a scheme.

The Otters furthermore concealed a word[s] that deeply bound together Reo and Mabu’s relationship. When it comes to Mabu, because he wanted to be together with Reo, the Otter said “Throw away your connection with Reo.” If he confessed words of love to Reo, his heart would explode and his wish to be with Reo wouldn’t be granted. Mabu killed his own feelings but when he came into contact with Reo, Reo said he’s a “doll whose emotions have fallen out of him” and Reo constantly treat him coldly. If he confessed his true feelings he’d die, the days where it was like you couldn’t say he was living since he couldn’t confess continued. No matter what this was the suffering of not having a connection. This is the “world where connections are cut off” the Otters wish for. Then, the path Mabu finally choose, out of the connections depicted in the anime is the most heartrending but can also be said to be the most beautiful.


Interviewer: What were your first impressions of Reo?

Miyano: A man that is very direct in his desires. Because of that sometimes he can’t see the truth. So, without hesitation he’s capable of doing some awful things, but he does them for the sake of love. From his words and actions you can sense his very strong personality.

Miyano: Ikuhara said that the Otters are “the embodiment of negativity”. People’s negative emotions bring about this minus-concept.

Interviewer: The scene of Mabu confessing his true feelings to Reo is heartrending.

Miyano: It has the feelings of learning the strength of their mutual feelings. Will Mabu be happy hiding the truth and being together with Reo, or will he be happy telling the truth to Reo, making him see what’s true? It’s a painful state Mabu is in for him to choose between them… Not just Reo but Mabu too, for both of them what will bring the most happiness? What is importan? I was always thinking about that. But the result is that their mutual love is properly conveyed, the way of ending is that both recognise their mutual love. To keep on living forever without knowing love, or to know love and die, amid those two choices they make their decision, I think.


Hosoya on his first impressions of Mabu:

“I had the impression of “Sex symbol”. At the time of the audition I didn’t feel just that, but at recording I thought like that. I think there’s a lot of women who like Boys Love. Director Ikuhara made a character that would appeal to that, that’s the impression I had.”

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