SarazanmaiTen guidebook translations

Ikuhara intro:

Ikuhara: This era is one where by various devices our ‘connections’ are secured. This is good, bad, and before that, a time period where you can’t live without it. We can’t return to the past. I tried to think about that. Because of this, where are our sensibilities heading to? What have we lost, what have we gained? And, where are we going?

“Sarazanmai is ‘connections’ and ‘desire’. For [people] to say that makes me happy. For you to find in this exhibition a chance to discover ‘what is your future?’ is the staff’s greatest ambition.”

Concept designs commentary:

Commentary on the colour choices for the character’s skin, hair, highlights etc.:

‘Because Reo and Mabu’s skin colours are particularly different, their colour differences were even bigger than for the Middle school trio.’

On Ishikawa’s first concept art for Kawausoiya: ‘The art for this scene is arousing. Beneath the image is seductively written “passion and eros!’. This design has very little change to the finished work. From the very start the image was set in stone.

The rules of ア:
The icon couldn’t be displayed so that it would be slanted
Couldn’t be attached directly to buildings.
It was OK to attach it to facades.

These shots of Reo in ep 9 are described as

  • Reo, smiling like he’s flirting (specifically 媚びる which is a woman flirting with a man). He’s gazing intently on Mabu. ’Feminine’. For the 2nd image, ‘Cute’. For the 3rd image, again, ‘feminine’.

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