Animedia October 2019 translations

Mabu character description in Animedia: 

He died once during the collapse of the Kappa Kingdom at the hands of the Otters, but due to the Otter science he was reborn. At that time, a machine heart that would explode if he conveyed love to Reo. Both before and after his rebirth, without change he continued to think of his partner Reo as more precious than anything else. 

Reo character description in Animedia: 

He thought of his partner Mabu as more precious than anything else, but because he perceived Mabu, revived with a machine heart, as ‘a doll borrowing the form of Mabu’, Reo didn’t recognise him. 

Ep 10 description in Animedia:

‘Always up to now, and hereafter forevermore, I love you’ – Mabu, who confessed words of love to Reo and exploded. Rather than deciding to annihilate himself, he choose to convey his true feelings to Reo. After losing Mabu twice, Reo was deranged by his sadness, but then was shot by Toi. Though they lost their human forms, with Keppi’s power they changed into ‘Reo’ ‘Mabu’ rings and escaped annihilation. 


Utsumi: In the anime its hard to imagine them cosplaying (lol). But, I feel like if the one other one asked they’d probably do it. 

This was in bold: Their police uniforms are a disguise with which to conceal themselves, you can’t say they wouldn’t cosplay, right. 

Interviewer: Out of Reo and Mabu, as a thief who would more skillful with their movements? 

Utsumi: Mabu, probably? Because of his cool composure, without getting noticed by anyone he’d cleverly steal from his target. Reo would enjoy being chased by a veteran detective after stealing. 

Favourite Halloween sweets: 

Reo —> Ningyoyaki

Mabu —> ???

Kazuki: Cookies

Toi: Candy

Enta: Dagashi (cheap sweets) 

Utsumi on content of the audio drama in vol 5: A different side to the characters than the anime, their everyday (?) lives will leak. The trio and the brothers, its a voice drama stuffed with the charm of these pals. 

Audio drama in vol 6: Utsumi: I still can’t give any details, but, a part of  ‘That scene in the novel’ might leak. 

It’s also mentioned the voice drama was written by Utsumi. 

Interviewer: The second novel was very popular – what was the background behind writing it? 

Utsumi: I had the idea that ‘Can be read smoothly’ and ‘When you read it you want to watch the anime again.’ Watch the anime —> read the novel —> watch the anime again is the recommended order. Because there’s different scenes in the anime and novel, I’m happy if you can enjoy the differences. 

Utsumi: The special event in October will be very rich in content… not over yet and with much more still to come, please wait for Sarazanmai developments after this point. 

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