Sarazanmai round table doujin translations

Note: This is from an official staff doujin released at Comiket summer 2019 which transcribed the mainly humours conversations between several Sarazanmai staff. The whole doujin goes on for much longer so I recommend seeking it out.

Tsujita: I’m often asked ‘You’ve worked together since the Toei era, what do you think of Ikuhara?’. I can’t say ‘I really love Ikuhara-kun’, So I say something like ‘I’m Enta, and he’s Kazuki’. 

Utsumi: That’s quite the surprising proclamation!

 Tsujita:Well its not like I’m licking his flute (lol). Every time he changes, we can only respond. Watching Sarazanmai episode 1, it has that Ikuhara-kun style, doesn’t it? His way of presenting the images, the pictograms… I look at it and it gives me peace of mind!

Tsujita: Ahh, Sarazanmai was a hard time. 

Wataru: Sara was troublesome. 

Tsujita: It was trouble for everyone, I think. I didnt go to all meetings, but I think Utsumi and Matsushima were the same… 

Utsumi: Matsushima went to every meeting. 

Matsushima: Yes, round about… 

Wataru: Its not like it became unpleasant or anything, right?

*everyone laughs*

Matsushima: *pained laughter* 

Utsumi: Here we keep up appearances too. 

Tsujita: Let’s not say anymore. 

Noboyuki: Regarding Ikuhara, I’ll start speaking in a casual way, right now. 

*everyone bursts out laughing* 

Matsushima said that when he was talking to Ikuhara sometimes he’d add verbal ticks to the end of his sentences like ‘disshu!’ 

Matsushima: When designing layouts we used on-location photographs. Ikuhara would be by my side and look at them, ‘Ah, stop just a second.’ he’d say. I thought he’d tell me a good idea or something. But he’s day ‘This photo is no good’ (lol)

Everyone: *bursts out in laughter*. 

Matsushima: Ikuhara was really fussy over the scene where Keppi birthed the Kappa. He’s day ‘Please don’t use this frame…..!’ 

Tsujita: Noboyuki, you’re always listening to something on your headphones. 

 Ikuhara is also the same. Hey, in the world of smartphones!

Utsumi: In the world of (Japanese news app) Smart News. 

The staff on Reo and Mabu: 

Utsumi: I didn’t think Reo and Mabu would get this popular.  Ofcourse we were aiming for that, but… 

Noboyuki: Ah, that’s right. 

Tsujita: It’s really amazing. 

Utsumi: If you were only looking at the anime, up to ep 6 its like they almost weren’t in it. Except for singing and dancing. 

Tsujita: So, on the contrary, the strategy was a great success because it was put out before the broadcast, their characters were made and instilled an impression. 

Utsumi: Ikuhara had a great idea when he said to put them out before broadcast (lol). At the time I thought… doing Reo and Mabu in pre-broadcast spinoffs… what? 

Wataru: Because originally the spinoffs were in the main work, right? 

Utsumi: That’s right (lol). Almost not being concerned with it, please depict these two! Yes! It was left to me like that. 

Noboyuki: Are you taking fault in Ikuhara-san? 

Utsumi: No, no, I’m not. 

Tsujita: Up to the central part of the story, you always have the feeling – who the hell are they? 

Utsumi: When the anime starts, they’re completely different characters (lol). 

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