Animage September 2019 interviews

Matsushima on Sarazanmai’s production: 

– The philosophy was ‘everyone is making it., he thinks it was a very interesting approach. Beyond just making the animation, contributing ideas was encouraged. The staff often gathered in Lapin Track’s meeting room, a Japanese-style room with Tatami mats. 

– The studio layout was unusual, Matsushima’s desk was lined up right next to Ikuhara’s while usually there would be a partition between desks. 

– When Ikuhara put the scenario on Matsushima’s desk, he asked how would it be good to expand upon it? Looking at what Ikuhara had depicted, Matsushima would come up with ideas and ask Ikuhara if they were interesting, and how it would be best to depict his ideas in the Ikuhars style. 

– When it comes to the Future leak in ep 11, Ikuhara told him that this part was crucial. 

– The scene in ep 11 that was fussed over the most was the Otter appears dancing and singing. It was intended to be comical in a bizarre way. Matsushima mentions the fun they had in recording getting Kuruda to sing. 

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