BD/DVD vol 1 extras (art and storyboards scans, interviews)

Vol 1 DVD booklet scan

Storyboard booklet scan

Episode 1 audio commentary video

From the vol 1 DVD booklet: In the colour boards behind the Kappa boys, Kappa Kazuki is a wave, Kappa Toi is an earthquake, Kappa Enta is a pine tree. These 3 are important motifs in traditional Japanese art. 

Ikuhara: I was always thinking about out-of-the-ordinary characters, so I arrived at Kappa. This time I wanted to do a story about “life”, and because Kappa are Yokai, they have a connection to human life and death. After the Tsunami disaster of 2011, Japan’s image of water changed. “Water is linked to life” is the image that emerged in me, and he thinks other people have that connection too. 

Ikuhara: The zombies that appear in Sarazanmai, at first glance they’re an ominous presence. They can be seen at first as criminals who have strong desires and have an ominous figure. On the other hand, they and Kazuki et al are not so different. They are equivalent. As the story progresses you think, will Kazuki et al have the same fate as the zombies, or not? 

“You can certainly think that “to run out of desire” is something that while a person is living absolutely cannot happen. “

Ikuhara on Kazuki’s cross dressing actions: Is that perverted, or is it an expression of a person’s individuality that should be recognised? Now,  is society still not in an understanding and ambiguous era? 

Interviewer: The true feelings and desirs of ‘Living’… and ‘Desire’ is linked to ‘Connections’ is what Sarazanmai is talking about. 

This time, many sensitive details presented themselves, right. The change in net literacy has been so rapid it worries even myself. What in the past was comparatively funny, has become things that are no laughing matter. Kazuki crossdressing, or Kazuki being the target of Enta’s romantic love, in an old story it would be comedic. While now it still has a gag-like aspect, that’s not the reason it was drawn, [but rather] to depict ‘pure feelings’. That is today’s point of view, and so the balance was intentionally modified. Because of the changes of awareness, I reconsidered many details. For example, I wanted to try and touch upon more sensitive aspects than BL, that kind of thing…. That’s what I intentionally tried to do.

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