Otomedia August 2019 interviews


Interviewer: In Reo and Mabu’s Kawauso kouban, is the elevator mechanism which goes directly from the human world to the Otter empire?

Usumi: Yes, that’s right. 

Interviewer: The Otter empire = scientific, robotic, the Kappa kingdom = a blend of Japanese and Western style, was it designed that way? 

Utsumi: From the start the Kappa kingdom was designed with a mix of Japanese and Western style, like the Taishou era, the Otter empire is the opposite, futuristic and robotic contemporary visuals. 

Interviewer: Can Kazuki, Toi and Enta not become Kappa again now they’re connected? 

Utsumi:Its not a system where you can become a Kappa just from your own intentions (lol. Maybe if Keppi is there, they’ll be able to become Kappa again. 

Interviewer: What’s the meaning of Mabu’s machine heart being removed during Kawausoiya? 

After being revived, Mabu’s own body couldn’t create the energy to be able to live. Without Reo’s assistance, Mabu can’t be injected with Desire energy, its that kind of device…「The desires collected from potential criminals turned into zombies] Mabu is being kept alive by a bit of that desire energy being divided out and given to him, that is the setup. 

Utsumi said that Reo’s gun with its many different modes was made by the Otters. Because the Otters themselves are concepts, in the first place its not necessary for them to have weapons. They made Reo the gun to help him supply them with desire energy. 

Interviewer: Why did Reo keep eating the Ningyoyake Mabu made for him in ep 8 even though he didn’t like the taste? 

Because the “fake” Mabu has the appearance of the former Mabu, Reo had the ideal of acting “[no matter how it looks] I will eat Mabu’s food]”. 

Interviewer: When in ep 10, after Mabu says “I…. hate Reo” and the Otter turns into the form of Reo, is this the definition of “Otters appear in this world as what the person viewing them wishes for”? 

Utsumi: Yes.  While Mabu spit out words contrary to his true intentions, said true intention was that he strongly wished to see Reo, so the Otter turned into the form of Reo. But when Reo says it, the Otter’s appearance isn’t the form of Reo, but the form of an Otter. 

Interviewer: Just before throwing himself into the Dark Keppi system, why does Mabu for the first time show a slight smile? 

Utsumi: Probably, I think that that was the first time Reo properly looked at the present Mabu. With the Mabu existing in front of Reo’s eyes, he wasn’t the real Mabu so Reo could keep turning his face away from him, but with the shocking action of throwing himself into the Dark Keppi system, maybe it was the first time he could properly see Mabu. For the first time Mabu caught Reo’s line of sight directly, with regards to that I think that’s why Mabu had that expression. 

Interviewer: What is the meaning of the very end of ep 11?

I think its own to one’s own imagination. Maybe Keppi and the boys met up again, maybe the Otters came back, maybe some other kind of threat creates a crisis. Its a hint that there’s a lot of possibilities in the future. 

Interviewer: During Summer at night, what kind of clothes would Reo and Mabu each wear? 

Utsumi: In the spinoff manga, there’s scenes where they’re sleeping, and Mabu quite sensibly is wearing pajamas. Reo is… t-shirt and shorts, or something like that (lol). Both of them together is quite a comic image, I think. 

(After the Interviewer mentioned the prior interview where Utsumi said there were many stories and details left out of the anime)

Utsumi: First of all as much as I can they’ll be included in the novel 2nd volume, and after that, the BD drama CD will include some of it. And furthermore, if Migi’s manga adaptation makes use of parts that couldn’t be gathered in the main work….!

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