Spoon 2di July 2019 interviews

Utsumi on Reo and Mabu in ep 10


“It was decided from the planning stages that ep 10 would be the climax episode for Reo and Mabu. Their episode really was deeply impactful. These two people who both didn’t see eachother properly until now, finally can  face each other, and realise their true feelings. 

Interviewer: The scene where Mabu turns into a zombie and Reo a kappa really surprised viewers.

Utsumi: I wanted to put that scene in no matter what (lol). I always thought about using the ‘Sarazanmai’ leakage system as their climax. When I told the staff, their reaction was “Ehh!?”, but to display Reo and Mabu’s connection, this was the most appropriate way, I thought. All the staff came to agree. 

Usumi: When the idea came out that Mabu’s vocal part should be done more like he’s talking, Hosoya-san performed it really well. 

Interviewer: Keppi says before ReoMabu’s “Sarazanmai no Uta”, “Sing that song once again”, did they sing it together while fighting the Otters?

Utsumi: Yes. When Reo and Mabu were living as Keppi’s servants, they fought as Kappa zombie suppression units like Kazuki et al. 

Interviewer: Reo seems familiar with extracting Shirikodama. 

Utsumi: When Reo points his butt and him and says “Do it!” to Keppi, it seems familiar for him (lol). Because Reo was always fighting together with Keppi and Mabu, when you do the “Sarazanmai”, both your own and your partner’s secrets leak, and none of it is false, it’s all the truth, he knows that the best of anyone. But because it thrust before him just how long he’d been mistaken, he couldn’t accept it. So the leak was all the work of the otters. That condition of Reo can be considered to be stupid, it’s just like Reo. That foolishness is also very human (even though Reo is a Kappa….) 

Interviewer: (Referenced Ikuhara’s interview about what Reo thinks of love, see below linked tweet). Mabu was forced to say he “hates” Reo. As soon as the feelings [between them] became one-way, Reo could no longer accept this changed Mabu. 

Utsumi: That’s right. Its inevitable that when Reo saw Mabu say he hates him, and starting to get intimate with the Otter, he’d wrongly think that “He throw everything away to come back to life”.  The Mabu that says he hates him, for Reo to forgive and accept him, is absolutely very difficult. So Reo became like, “If you say you hate me, I won’t recognise you—!”. That’s connected to the ep 7 C-Part. 

Interviewer: Despite this very sad growing apart, this Mabu that Reo calls a doll, is still the same Mabu who loves (好き) Reo…. 

Utsumi: Aside from the machine heart nothing has changed with Mabu, Mabu is the same Mabu as ever. I often talked with Ikuhara about, “Because the past was good, how about when you can’t see the present”, that really is what occured between Reo and Mabu. 

Reo just doesn’t take a proper look at the current Mabu, but both the old Mabu and the current Mabu are the Mabu that Reo loved (愛する). So, even if Reo uses the Dishes of Hope, the Mabu here is Mabu, nothing would happen. There’s one more Mabu… I don’t think so. 

Interviewer: When Mabu’s heart explodes and Reo is shot by Toi, tell us about the Ring of Reo and Mabu. 

Utsumi: “A symbol of connected people”, that ring was a visualisation of it from ep 1 onwards. Reo and Mabu’s resulting connection can be felt from that ring, and because we didn’t depict those two’s conclusion as a bad ending, you can feel from the image that they’re “Glad to be connected”. I think.

Utsumi on the meaning of ア: At first it was simply that we took the ア from the first letter of アサクサ (Asakusa) and used it as a motif. But ア isn’t just that. Noboyuki and Matsuhima were sure to give ア  an expanding variety of meanings throughout the show.  

Utsumi also confirmed that the “Future” leak of several years in the future in the lives of the main trio isn’t set in stone, it’s one possibility. By their own choices the boys can gradually change their future. 

Interviewer: [with Reo and Mabu] it will surely be all right after they properly realised each other’s feelings. 

Utsumi: Right. In the final scene of ep 11, in Asakusa town Reo and Mabu’s presence can be seen. From here on, these two who could realise each other’s feelings, it is possibly the beginning of a new story. 


Okayasu: During script writing we had so many discussions about the end of Reo and Mabu’s story. These two have a way of thinking/living [バックボーン] that the anime couldn’t directly depict. I haven’t read the manuscript yet, but it will likely touch upon this area, so look forward to the novel! 

Okayasu: During recording, Ikuhara insistently explained to Suwabe that “Keppi’s true form is an Ikemen prince”. 

Okayasu: During recording, Ikuhara insistently explained to Suwabe that “Keppi’s true form is an Ikemen prince”. 


Migi explained her approach that the manga should be different to the anime and contain many differences to it. She mentioned she’s looking forward to adapting eps 6, 9, 10 and 11.

Migi’s favourite scenes in each episode (make note of this for the manga…)

Ep 1: The Shirikodama extraction and leakage scenes. 

5: Kazuki’s breakdown at the end of the ep. 

6: The climax with Kazuki saving Haruka. 

7: The change in the lyrics to Kawausoiya, and the secrets you can understand about that msterious duo from the post-ED section. 

9: The depiction of Toi’s feelings. 

10: ReoMabu’s Sarazanmai scene and leak scene, she was laughing and crying at the same time. 

… and all of ep 11. 

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