Pash July 2019 interview translations

Main trio’s VAs favourite characters:
Murase: The head Otter (because of the combination of the cute appearance and Kuroda’s voice)
Uchiyama: Haruka and the cop duo (Reo and Mabu).
Horie: Enta’s grandma, because her scenes have a feeling of being warm and soft.


Interviewer: The scene where Enta licked the recorder, it seems Ikuhara gave some passionate directions, but specifically what was it like?

Horie: I know that this is something I shouldn’t do, but despite that, I want to lick! He says he had to record it again over 10 times.

Interviewer: Would you say Enta’s feelings are romantic love?

Horie: Yes, I do think that. I performed him with that intention. Distinctions of sex don’t matter for romantic love.


Interviewer: What were you aware of while performing Mabu?

In the story’s central stages, while you know Mabu’s identity, I wanted to give people a “uneasy feeling” as they go towards the end.

Interviewer: Your favourite scene is-?

Hosoya: When Mabu bake Otter-shaped ningyoyake. Or not my favourite, but the one that left a big impression. Director Ikuhara was fussing over “more sexy/arousing”, so that’s why it left an impression.

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