Spoon 2di July 2019 interview translations


On ReoMabu’s relationship:

“Reo doesn’t understand how Mabu thinks about him. Because Reo thinks that “love” is a partner returning the same amount of passion to yourself [as what you give them], since Mabu has become incapable of that, he can’t accept [Mabu], he wants the old Mabu.

But, as viewers are feeling, despite Reo’s misconceptions, the present Mabu is also showing signs that he really does have feelings for Reo.

I think.people are something that change as they get older. For example, in a pair of lover’s conversation, “The old you wasnt like that”, but it is impossible that “the old you” will stay as it is. But, the same kind of feelings of love can persist. In the end it’s only if you can or can’t accept the person’s changes. “Stay as you are unchanged” is, I think, an impossible story. But sometimes people, the more they lose, the more they want to return to the most happy times, and so, now, they cant see the important things in front of them. And so it produces this feeling of drifting apart. “


-Utsumi confirmed that Kazuki isn’t aware of Enta’s feelings.

-In the first half of the story little could be said about Reo and Mabu, “the Kawausoiya people” was their impression (lol).

-Utsumi explained that the first concept art Ishikawa drew for ReoMabu looked like “Operatic mysterious persons”, they had a gothic look, but Asakusa isn’t western style, so they tried different arrangements, and its a huge mystery how Kawausoiya eventually resulted!

Utsumi On the Rain Scene:

“Though the Rain chapter is just 2 pages, the reverberations from it are wide… That surprised me. In truth when I finished writing the novel, Rain wasn’t there.” It was felt the novel ReoMabu scenes weren’t impressive enough in novel form, so Ikuhara advised Utsumi to write something focusing on ReoMabu for the novel.

She said that while its ok if you dont read the Rain scene, she thought that for people who like ReoMabu, its a benefit.

Interviewer: [Post-Rain scene]I know why Reo has such feelings for Mabu, I think that I understand why, I would like many people to read it!

Utsumi: Thankyou! (lol)

Utsumi said that, since the Rain scene is intended to lead into the second half of the story from ep 7, you’ll be able to enjoy the second half even more by reading it. Furthermore, the 2nd novel releasing after the end of the anime will feature additional ReoMabu scenes not in the anime.

Utsumi said that Mabu is unable to express his emotions, but when Enta was shot, he leaked a little to Kazuki his attitude towards it.

Utsumi said that while up to this point little has been depicted about Mabu in the anime, but what kind of circumstances has Mabu been put through? How was the misunderstanding between him and Reo born? Eps 9 and 10 will be very important for their story.

She says that she often hears from fans “I want Reo and Mabu to be happy”, so she asks fans to keep waiting till the end.


During the recording for the scene where Enta licked Kazuki’s recorder, it had to be 30 times over, Horie was thinking “the director [Ikuhara] is fussy, right” lol

Murase: I really, really like episode 10. “Ikuhara had these lines, made this character say it ……!” These words from a certain character will absolutely pierce Ikuhara fans, its an incredibly emotional scene.

Matsushima (assistant director)

Director Ikuhara was obsessed with realism in the last scene of ep 7. The beautiful but somewhat miserable scenery accentuates Reo’s sorrowful expressions.

“Its the first time I’ve made a work directed towards women”, he thought that he must make a work that can be accepted by women, so he sought the opinions of female staff. For example, with the scene where Enta kisses Kazuki, he didn’t have a concept of what to do, so female ADs and animators helped him.

He said that he was under pressure that “Reo and Mabu most be drawn beautifully”, though he’s more used to drawing round, cute things.

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