Avan May 2019 translations


When I first considered it, I thought a story about unrequited love would be good. They’re each longing for someone different [than who the other person really is]. Unrequited love [is like] passing by one another. In truth, Reo and Mabu are also passing eachother by. What that means is, Reo isn’t seeing the present. People change, but Reo can’t accept that. People tend to love things when they are at their best, and now they don’t really notice the people in front of them.

Mabu loves [好き] Reo the same way he has for a long time, but Reo can see only the past, so he’s not aware of what Mabu’s thinking now. He is only thinking about returning to the old days. More than that, he thinks that it’s right to return to the past. Therefore, he also doesn’t realise that he is (deeply) loved by Mabu [ 愛されている]


In truth Mabu was caught up in a certain incident before the start of the story, and is at this point already dead. And so, now, the Mabu in front of Reo, isnt the original Mabu Reo knows. Reo is making every effort to return Mabu to his original self, and Mabu is, for his friend without equal Reo who longs for him, striving to return to his original self. But, the more Mabu tries to behave like Reo’s wished for Mabu, the more Reo has a strong reaction against him. Though their feelings ought to be the same, they pass eachother by.

I think with Reo and Mabu’s “Growing apart”, the scene where Reo and Mabu eat lunch together is interesting. Mabu eats Broccolli, but, he’s really bad at it, the impression that he’s not like a “normal person” emerges. He’s also not good at chewing the food.  But [in order to] get closer to his “original self”, he tries to show Reo that he’s eating Brocolli. To Reo’s sarcastic words in response, Mabu was indifferent. Because he knows that right now he isn’t Reo’s ideal version of him, he doesn’t say anything back to him.

I think I understand Mabu’s feelings a little. Even he knows his imperfections, but at the moment nothing can be done about his condition. What was perfect is scarred, though he had pride in what was perfect, he’s got scars that will never disappear again, but for the time being, from the time the scars were inflicted, while undergoing rehabiliation, he’s getting “better”, it can be said. Despite that it must be remembered, while he’s “getting better” but, he can’t return to being perfect, and he knows that. So he’s a got a little bit of a defiant attitude, that kind of sense to it.


Miyano on his initial impression of Sarazanmai:

“It was butts! (lol) I think people who’ve seen the work will understand, that representation of butts , wasnt it amazing!? Has there been an anime to feature butts so boldly!?”

Miyano on ReoMabu: “Their connection is very strong. Because of that, the times when they’re growing apart, the unpleasant feelings and anger also strongly emerge. Particularly Reo is straightforward with his feelings. ”

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