Otomedia June 2019 translations


Original Japanese text is here


Q: What is Reo’s main appeal? Miyano: It’s heavily related to his secret, so I can’t go into details, but his very strong feelings for his secret are quite impressive. The sheer strength of those feelings is his appeal, and I think it’s his own “connection”. If you watch the anime til the end, I’m sure you’ll understand what I mean!


On his impression of ReoMabu:

“There’s an element of evil, like “dangerous men”, right. They create an atmosphere of danger, they also have sexiness and stylishness. “Something wicked-looking” and “something erotic and stylish”. By the stage of ep 5, you still don’t know much, but in truth these two also have many secrets, so I would like you to look forward to the day those will be exposed.”

If they marry in the future, which of the kids would make the best husband?

Horie: My imagination is that its Toi. Right now he gives off this initial impression of being scary and bad, but he’s actually a gentle kid that thinks about other people. He has a great common sense, but despite that, his looks are really cool, he must have received good genes (lol). But ofcourse that’s not to say Kazuki and Enta are no good.

On Enta’s feelings:

Horie: Its not particularly that Kazuki is a boy that Enta fell in love with him, his love has no connection to Kazuki’s gender. When he wasnt familiar with his surroundings, Kazuki is the one that set him free from that painful cell. The feelings he bears from that time, gratitude and respect, I think gradually it developed into romantic love.

On the anime’s developments:

Horie: Be prepared for tumultuous developments in the second half. The second half has many comedic parts as well, but the amount of serious elements will increase. For people who’ve followed Ikuhara’s works, the time when you’re begin to in suspense make guesses about who’ll live and die will begin, I think.

Producer Okayasu

[Context: Rainy season starts in June] Which of Reo and Mabu will become sexier when wet because of rain?

“Because they’re both adults, the sex appeal would both increase, but from the point of removing glasses in order to wipe them because of rain falling on them, so you could see their natural [i.e without glasses, makeup etc.) face, it would be Mabu, right. “

On the origins of Kawausoiya:

“Japanese style, but an exciting Matsuri Bayashi-like tune, is the direction I can remember from Ikuhara. Yells and drums was thanks to the music director. In contrast, the dance is not Japanese style, but contemporary, thanks to the dance choreographer. “

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