March 31st pre-screening event reports

The first 3 episodes of Sarazanmai were shown, followed by a stage event where the staff and cast talked about the show and played games.

Suwabe introduced Keppi as “as you can see, the ideal man [ie a eligible bachelor​]”


Miyano/Hosoya on ReoMabu’s relationship:

Miyano: Even more than any of you are imagining, our (Reo and Mabu’s) relationship will reach an incredible place, I think its the first time I had this feeling


Miyano: [Reo and Mabu] were more romantic than the buddy duos we’ve voiced before Hosoya: They were, though we still cant say much M: But the part where he pulls his heart out was sexy lol H: During recording I thought it was the other way around!

M: Just when you thought you were doing the taking, it turns out it was your heart that was taken lol.


Miyano: Our [Reo’s and Mabu’s] relationship goes places you can’t even imagine yet. It was our first time voicing something like that and it was fun.

Hosoya: You know, I-

M: You what?

H: I did have fun! But if I say that then I’ll reveal too much!

With Ikuhara:

Miyano: “Because of [Hosoya’s] very serious ‘SOIYA’ I felt my own was better

M: We did it while taking to the director

Ikuhara: The ‘SOIYA’s depth and sharp condition, right M: The depth of ‘SOIYA’, right, lol

Following are from VoiceMedia and Comic Natalie reports.

Horie on reading the scripts:

Every week developments are chaotic, every time I got the script I was confused and astonished, “this is so interesting” all kinds of emotions were mixed , I was in a dreamy state of mind during the voice recording. Its a great quality.

(…) When the recording finished for me, I could see that the foreshadowing was properly done. It all came together during a certain scene

Murase (Kazuki):

While all the 3 middle schoolers are like main characters, its easy to visualise their minds’ movements among them.”

Uchiyama (Toi):

During the stage event Uchi excitedly cut in with “This anime is amazing”. He said “Looking at the whole thing, there’s in the director(Ikuhara)’s head a vision he wants to express, and it feels like I’ve got it. The voice recording was a pleasant task.”

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