Miyano (Reo VA) interview Animedia April 2019



“When I read the script of the first episode, I didn’t understand the contents yet (lol). Looking closely at the images, I thought “I get it, a little”. After being given info I was very convinced when I saw it. Its very pop and catchy, and yet surreal.

On the days of recording, Ikuhara often said to me “Entertainment”. And the way of composition, of making images was just like that. Despite that, Asakusa, from incorporating a real place,everyday feeling, or material feelings, sense of touch, familiar scenery while giving that at the same time, [it will] expose that true essence of humans who aren’t only beautiful. I feel its a work that has very deep drama.”

On his first impressions of Reo:

“Oh, his teeth are jagged. That’s my strong point! [referring to Rin]” is what I thought (lol). Because it also contrasts with Mabu’s appearance, though I imagined many different approaches, during the early stages from working out the character’s personality, we have a theatrical-like on-screen appearance [which he worked out during recording with Ikuhara]

On Mabu:

“Mabu had a contrasting method of development, “entertaingness” or something like that. This part which is connected to his essence, because as the story progresses he’ll flaunt this more than enough (lol)

The philosophy ofcourse, the approach to Mabu or Reo’s spirituality etc, because Ikuhara engaged us in really detailed discussions, there was no question mark. It was easy to grash the philosophy inside director Ikuhara’s mind because he conveyed it to us”

Q. What kind of discussion was it?

Miyano: “Spiritual emotions were the main point… Because of spoilers I can’t say anything more now [but the] approach to Reo was grounded in this. The philosophy from Ikuhara, how I interpreted Reo wasn’t wrong. And having Mabu there was great. Because there’s this serious and stubborn character as a contrast, to convey Reo’s evocative way of speaking and his expressions was easier. “

[After talking about his best friend Mabu VA Hosoya and their work together] “Because these character’s relationship will be different than everyone is currently thinking, we enjoyed performing that.

Miyano on ReoMabu: “I think these two’s charm is their “Strong desires”. I’m talking of strongly holding such desires, its connected to their charm itself. ” (“desire” here is 想い not 欲望)

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