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Last update: 02 November 2019 – BD vol 5 extras (voice dramas, music, booklet, audio commentary, translations) added

Newcomers or people currently watching the anime: See note on recommended viewing / reading order



Territories North, Central and South America, UK, Ireland AU, NZ, South Africa, Nordics, Netherlands. – German speaking Europe. Wakanim – French speaking Europe

Funimation English dub

Asenshi subs – alternative (often, though not always, better) translation to the CR subs

Promotional material

Pre-broadcast PVs –from the first teasers in March 2018 to the character PVs in the week before airing

Episode PVs -30-second previews for each episode with unique narration

Episode summaries – posted after each episode airing for the next one

ReoMabu twitter

This official spinoff twitter account @keeponly1luv ran from November until March 31st 2019 (all tweets were deleted shortly after the airing of episode 10). It covers the daily lives of Reo and Mabu and contains some foreshadowing for the anime. Japanese fans figured out from various clues that the twitter’s events are actually taking place in 2007-8 rather than 2019.

Warning: If you haven’t watched up to episode 10 yet, please check this note before opening the below link.

Archive of all @Keeponly1luv tweets with translations and notes.

ReoMabu twitter book: Released August 2019. I can’t make a scan, so if you’d like a copy please contact Denkimouse.

Twitter promo

Official twitter accounts: Sarazanmai, Lapin track, Ikuhara, Exhibition , @lapintrack @MiGiiiiii @saitomisaki @kuubyo (Iwaida) and @nino006 (Ishikawa)

Kazuki/Toi/Enta SNS “leaks” – Posted on the @Sarazanmai account, SNS conversations between the main trio after Keppi gives them missions to visit real-life sites related to Sarazanmai eg the Noitamina cafe collab.

Lapin Track studio tweets

“Lapin Channel” show with Ikuhara and “Rappa”

Ikuhara tweets

Other official tweets

Official art

Collection of official art

Reo and Mabu spinoff Manga

The Sarazanmai spinoff manga ran from May 2018 to March 2019 in the BL magazines Rutile and Rutile Sweet. It’s about the daily lives of Reo and Mabu and their role as the adopted fathers of baby Sara.

Amazon purchase link

English scanlation on Mangadex

Manga complete adaptation

Read here in Japanese for free

English scanlation – includes bonus Migi short manga from the BD booklets

Manga anthology

Releases November, check back later.


The Sarazanmai novelisation has 2 volumes, the first published April 16 2019 and the second will come out in July 2019. Vol 1 covers eps 1-6 and vol 2 eps 7-11. With the exception of the crucial ReoMabu backstory in the ‘Rain’ chapter, the contents are largely similar to the anime. Novel 2 includes many more original scenes, mostly focusing on Reo and Mabu and their pasts.

Amazon purchase link

Novel translations (all of novel 1, most of novel 2 including all novel-original scenes)

Live event (October 2019)

Event reports and translations are collected here

Stay tuned for a possible BD release.

Stage play

Runs in November-December ; check back later. Official twitter is here and official website is here.

Animage December 2019 – Reo and Mabu stage play actors interview

Starting Guidebook

A starting guidebook for the anime was published in April 2019, with character designs, concept art, and cast/staff interviews.

Amazon link

Translations (ANN article)

Complete guidebook

Amazon link


Sarazanmai exhibition

Official twitter account

An art book and 2 genga (original animation drawing) books were released at the exhibition. I can’t upload them, but please contact Denkimouse to ask about any further opportunities to get hold of copies.

Art book translations


Soundtrack, OP, ED, insert songs, Kazuki/Toi/Enta character songs and bonus soundtrack from vols 2-6 of the BD/DVD

Spotify – insert songs and Massara

Voice dramas

Voice dramas on the 5th and 6th BD/DVD

BD/DVD releases

Vol 1 – Booklet, storyboard scans, Ikuhara audio commentary video, interview translations (ep 1)

Vol 2 – Booklet scan (eps 2-3)

Vol 3 – Booklet scan, audio commentary and interview translations (eps 4-5)

Vol 4 – Booklet scan, audio commentary and interview translations (eps 6-7)

Vol 5 – Booklet scan, audio commentary and interview translations (eps 8-9)

Staff doujinshi

I can’t upload these – if you want a copy please contact Denkimouse or check listings at places like Mandarake.

Translations of the staff round table book


Main trio cast interview in TVStation, March 2019 – Murase, Uchiyama, Horie

Horie (Enta VA) interview, Cool Voice March 2019

March 31st 2019 prescreening event reports

Miyano (Reo VA) interview Animedia April 2019

Migi (character designer) interview Otomedia April 2019

April 23rd 2019 livestream Ikuhara/Horie/Teiko (Video of the event)

Livedoor interview April 2019 – Uchiyama and Horie

Spoon 2di vol 49 (some additional info) – Murase, Horie, Ikuhara, Okayasu

Otomedia June 2019 – Miyano, Hosoya

Da Vinci June 2019 – Ikuhara

Animage June 2019 – Murase, Uchiyama, Horie

Anan May 2019 (ANN article) – Ikuhara, Hosoya, Miyano

Entertainment Station May 2019 – Ikuhara

Spoon 2di June 2019 – Ikuhara, Utsumi

Pash July 2019 – Murase, Uchiyama, Horie, Hosoya

Animage July 2019 – Ikuhara, Utsumi

Febri July 2019 – Utsumi, Hashimoto

Newtype July 2019 – Hashimoto

Spoon 2di July 2019 – Utsumi, Okayasu, Migi

Pash August 2019 – Utsumi, Murase, Uchiyama, Horie

Otomedia August 2019 – Utsumi

Animage August 2019 – Utsumi, Noboyuki

Animage September 2019 – Matsushima

Pash September 2019 – Noboyuki

Animedia October 2019 – Utsumi

Spoon 2di November 2019 – Utsumi

Ikuniten guidebook

SuperGroupies Ikuhara livestream – May 2019 (Kazuki/Toi/Enta)

Supergroupies Ikuhara livestream June 2019 – Reo and Mabu (subtitled clip)

Miyano’s Radio Smile section on Sarazanmai

Untranslated interviews:

Supergroupies Ikuhara + Shoujo Elise interview part 2

Mantan – Utsumi

The Peggies – Entertainment Station

Animate Times – Murase/Horie

Rooftop – Ikuhara/Shojo Elise

CGWorld article on the live-action PVs

October 2019 – Anime Bros issue on Sarazanmai stage

Prezanmai radio show

Episode uploads (including bonus “Creator’s Story” segments from the CD) episode uploads

Summaries: episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4

Translations/summaries (currently ep 1-9)

Horie (Enta VA) on Enta’s feelings for Kazuki


MyFigureCollection page

Collaborations: Noitamina perfume (Translation), LINE, SuperGroupies, Noitamina, Animax Cafe, Sushizanmai, Tree Village, Taito ward, Animax Cafe collab

Places to buy merch:

Amazon Japan (best for buying the BD/DVDs and magazines)

Aitai Kuji



Sarazanmai analysis / writings

Sakuga Blog production notes

19.04.sec – Sarazanmai theory masterpost

Episode reviews by Jacob Chapman

TV tropes page

A Little Reflection on the First Episode of Sarazanmai

Sarazanmai episodics and editorials – Atalier Emily

Lost in Anime reviews

Wrong Every Time reviews

Anime Rants reviews

Star Crossed Anime reviews

Moeronpan reviews

Hougako Kappa


薔薇吹雪 / barafubuki / quaffkko

Imagine Me and Utena podcast

Warui Deshou podcast

さらざんまい考察 (in Japanese)

“Sarazanmai theory” hashtag (in Japanese)

Fan Doujinshi

Scan archive <— to be updated as I buy and scan more books.

Where to buy doujins:

Mandarake (doujinshi)

Toranoana (proxy service: Tenso)


(Some of the below fan-created content is NSFW or otherwise sensitive, proceed at your own risk)

Pixiv (popular Japanese fanart site) tags: ReoMabu, Sarazanmai, Niiboshi Reo, Akutsu Mabu, Fujoshi-orientated art tag.

Fanfiction in Japanese: ReoMabu tag, Sarazanmai tag

Sarazanmai at English fanfic site AO3

ReoMabu / Sarazanmai tags on Twitter

Fuller list of Sarazanmai twitter fanartists


#1like1answerSarazanmai fandom ask game

Character profiles (Pash)

Archive of Sara text crawls

Japanese words, terms and puns in Sarazanmai, explained.

“They’re all my Mabu [Zenbu Ore no Mabu]” parody game site (JP)

Wordplay in Sarazanmai

Character name meanings

Ikuhara – “Actual Sexuality” translation

For newcomers – Recommended Sarazanmai viewing / reading order

Because of the anime’s short length, a large amount of story content, especially relating to the cop duo Reo and Mabu, was not included in the anime but instead various spinoff materials. Fans very often see the extra-anime materials as being just as important to their enjoyment of the series as the anime itself, so it’s highly recommended to check them out.

It’s best to read ReoMabu manga and @Keeponly1luv twitter before the anime, or atleast before episode 7 (both were published before the anime aired). It’s also recommended to read the Rain chapter in the novel pre- or early-anime. The other materials like official arts or interview translations can largely be left until after the anime for interested viewers.

The spinoff materials that are generally thought to be most important for enjoying and understanding the anime are in bold.

Warning for pre-ep 10 viewers

The last tweet from the twitter account, which is displayed as the top-most tweet on the linked archive page below, is a spoiler for ep 10. The rest of the twitter is intended to be read before watching the anime, so if you are reading the tweets before watching ep 10 please be careful to avoid reading the top one).